Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters

Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters

Our heating elements is one of the highest rating in Malaysia . Many industrial heating applications require heaters with ability to resist chemicals, moisture and abusive treatment.These applications also require for rapid heat-up, with stable temperature maintenance, and uniform heat distribution. Maltec Silicone Rubber Heater is one of our best selling products in dpstar Malaysia top leading manufacturer and supplier.


  • Freeze Protection
  • Control Bridging and Corrosion in Hoppers
  • Process Control and Maintainence
  • Flow / Viscosity Control
  • Heat various vessels and objects including…
  1. Storage tanks
  2. Hoppers
  3. Vats and silos
  4. Conveyors and rollers
  5. PressesWater and feed troughs
  6. Tank and dip trucks
  7. Drums and pails
  8. Tote Tanks
  9. Low temperature ovens
  10. Cylinders
  11. Enclosures

dpstar is the only manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia that provides you with high quality prodcuts. Visit us at http://www.dpstar.com.my


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