Drum Heaters

dpstar is a leading manufacturer Maltec H Drum Heaters can save time by heating stored viscous fluid to a pourable temperature. dpstar drum heaters are a major seller in Malaysia also we are on of the largest supplier and manufacturer for heating elements.

Drum Heater


We are specialized in heating elements that are made from various materials depending on the drum heating type they fall under. They are thermostatically controlled and so will provide an even distribution of heat from the base of your barrel to the top no matter which type you opt for. Uses and designs include a flexible silicone drum heater for the occasional cold winter day or a temperature controlled room for pallets of drums when production is the key.

Generally used in lower temperature ranges to improve flow rate and recovery percentage from viscous product. Gentle enough not to damage and powerful enough to do the job. dpstar guarantee a high quality certificate of  the drum heaters have been built for durability and are resistant to chemicals. The drum heaters are also very easy to clean, due to very few materials being able to stick to the silicone. Overall, our drum heating options are reliable and convenient, making them ideal for many operating conditions. We offer a wide variety of drum heaters, covering all common drum sizes.For more information please refer to http://www.dpstar.com.my


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