Radiant Panel Heaters

Similar to quartz glass face heaters but they have a woven refractory cloth with a black ceramic coating on the front. dpstar provide heating elements that wrap around heat all-year-round bringing summer warmth into your conservatory even on the coldest days. Boasting compact and slimline proportions, this wall-mounted electric conservatory panel heater has been designed specifically to fit dwarf walls in conservatories, attaching directly onto the wall with no need for an electrician or expensive plumbing like more traditional heating systems. dpstar is the largest distributor in Malaysia.

Radiant Panel Heater


  •  5 -25 W/in 2
  •  0.55 – 18kW
  •  120, 230, 240 and 480 Volt
  •  1 & 3 Phase
  •  1560°F Max. Emitter Temperature
  •  6-60″ Long x 12 – 30″ Wide

Our dpstar panel heaters are used to heat objects via radiant heat transfer, usually via infrared (IR) waves. They are used in a variety of industries and applications, including: space heating, drying, curing, water evaporation, food processing, material preparation, bonding, joining, and industrial processing. Power requirements for radiant flat panel heaters include maximum operating (sheath) temperature, phase, alternating current (AC) voltage, heating capacity, and watt density. Maximum operating (sheath) temperature is the highest temperature that the heater’s sheath or sleeve may reach. Note that this is not the maximum temperature that a heated substance may reach. Some radiant flat panel heaters use single-phase power. Others use three-phase power. Heating capacity is the wattage which a radiant flat panel heater can deliver. Watt density is a good measure of how quickly radiant heater can transfer heat to a surface. To calculate watt density, suppliers divide the available wattage by the heated surface area. dpstar is one of the  largest manufacturer in Malaysia. The inclusion of modern equipment and sophisticated technology had made our company dpstar to be much faster and efficient.As one of the leading manufacturer in Malaysia we promise you that our RADIANT PANEL HEATERS is for any voltage or wattage within the limits of manufacturing.Also our heaters can be also be supplied with suitable mild steel, stainless steel pockets, mounting flanges and bosses. We are UL certified, CE certified in Malaysia as an industry professional in heaters.  For more information you can visit our website at http://www.dpstar.com.my.


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