Finned Air Heater

Finned Air Heater

dpstar very own manufacturing company MALTEC H have the top quality in heating elements . Finned Air Elements come complete with Standard stake-on bushes. Mounting ushes are fixed to each end of U, W, or Triple U form elements, While Straight elements have one fixed and one floating bush. Finned heaters are normally used for forced convection heating with outlet air temperatures of 300°C (572°F) or less. Steel finned heaters are standard with surface temperatures limited to about 425°C (797°F) compared to 815°C (1500°F) for an alloy sheathed non-finned heater.The finned air heater is designed for use in natural and forced convection space heating, our range of finned air heaters are suitable for increased heat transfer surface area and where higher wattage is required. Featuring rugged construction, these finned heaters can be used in a multitude of industrial environments. Finned tubular heaters are used for forced convection heating, air or gas heating systems. They are customized to meet your specific application needs.

Why pick us ? We are a leading manufacturer in Malaysia and was established in 1996. Since our inception we have grew to become a top supplier, facilitating our valued clients through our offices located in northern, central and southern part of west Malaysia also our products that we are selling are high quality and certified electrical heaters. Such as Industrial Heaters,Tubular Heater,Ceramic Bobbin Heater,Duct Heater,Cartridge Heater,Finned Tubular Heater,Circulation Heater,Infrared Silica Quartz Heater,Teflon Immersion Heater,Flange Immersion Heater,and etc. Our products are only UL Certified,UKAS,ISO,Standards and etc. You won’t know unless you try our products & services come get more info at


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