Quartz Infrared Heater

quartz infrared heater

Our heating elements is simple and flexible . Conventional heating systems produce heat energy in the long and medium waveband. Consequently, this type of heating system offers high transmission losses. Heat rushes out when cold air rushes in when ever doors are opened in a building.The Innovative Quartz Heating shortwave heating Technology provides radiant heat energy which instantly warms people and solid objects within the beam of heat.

Quartz infrared heating elements provide medium wave infrared radiation. They are favoured in industrial applications where a more rapid heater response is necessary, including systems with long heater off cycles.

  • Quartz infrared heating elements are particularly effective in systems where rapid heater response and/or zone controlled heating is required.
  • They have a broad emission spectrum from around 1.4 to 8 microns, slightly shorter in wavelength than ceramic elements.
  • Pillared quartz elements have the same mounting fixture as ceramic elements allowing easy replacement.

This easy change pillar is ideal for design alterations involving the use of materials with different absorption characteristics.

The inclusion of modern equipment and sophisticated technology had made our company dpstar to be much faster and efficient.As one of the leading manufacturer in Malaysia we promise you that our Quartz Infrared Heater is for any voltage or wattage within the limits of manufacturing.Also our heaters can be also be supplied with suitable mild steel, stainless steel pockets, mounting flanges and bosses. We are UL certified, CE certified in Malaysia as an industry professional in heaters.  For more information you can visit our website at http://www.dpstar.com.my.


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