Daiichi Denko Anti-Condensation Heater


As now dpstar is standing is because of our heating elements are so great. Anti-condensation heater is designed to maintain the temperature inside of an enclosure several degrees above surroundind ambient temperature and above the dew point.This will eliminate condensed water vapour contained inside an enclosure.

Model CH24080
Features – No thermostat is required.
– Self regulated heating.
– No moving parts to wear out.
– Compact size and high watt density.
– Uniform heat output.
– Corrosion resistance aluminium.
– Easy mounting – Spring Clip fastener or screw on to panel base.
Rated Power Thermal Output 60W/80W
Voltage 240VAC(others voltage and power rating available upon request)
Termination Silicone rubber insulated cable (2 x 0.75mm²)
Profile Material Aluminium, natural anodized
Surface Temperature 180°C (+/- 10%)
Size 71mmW x 55mmH x 125mmL
Weight 300g
Applications – Industrial Enclosure
– Control and Monitoring Systems
– Switch Cabinet
– Panel Board
– Free-standing electronic equipment & meters
– Others

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