Shimaden Temperature Controller – SRS 11, SRS 13, SRS 14 Series

srs 11-14

Basic features:

  • Multi-input and multi-range performance
  • Small instrument depths (62mm – 65mm) save space, thus securing a larger installation area.
  • SV setting: 3 points
  • PID Value: 3 types
  • 2-output heating and cooling control available
  • Total 32 steps Program available (optional)
    (1-4 pattern, 32-8 step)
  • RS-485 Interface available (optional)
    (Master – slave function, Modbus/Shimaden Protocol)
  • Heater break/heater loop alarm: Single/3-phase available
  • A wide selection of additional functions (optional) is available to suit various needs.

We at dpstar is offering one of the top temperature controller from Shimaden . Which is the best selling unit in Malaysia . For more inquiries visit us at our main page.


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