RTD Sensor

RTD Sensor

A simple rule of thumb is that the more wires an RTD has the more accurate it is. The entire RTD assembly is not platinum. Among other issues, constructing an RTD in that manner would for most purposes be prohibitively expensive. As a result, only the small RTD element itself is made of platinum. As a practical matter the resistance value of the RTD element would be useless without a means to communicate that resistance to an instrument. Accordingly, insulated copper wires typically connect the RTD element to the measuring instrument.Like platinum, copper has a resistance value. Resistance along the copper lead wires can impact the resistance measurement determined by the instrument connected to the RTD. Two wire RTDs do not have a practical means for accounting for the resistance associated with the copper lead wires which reduces the extent to which the resistance measured can be accurately correlated to the temperature of the RTD element. As a result, two wire RTDs are least commonly specified and are generally used where only an approximate value for temperature is needed. dpstar is the top in South East Asia manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia. For more info visit us.


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