About our Heater Manufacturer In Malaysia

dpstar Group constantly strives to provide superior quality and highly reliable products at competitive prices for all our clients and dealers. As a result, we have built a proud reputation for being one of the largest heater manufacturer in Malaysia.

Tubular Heaters is also a CE certified product in our company.Our application is for heating almost any liquid or viscous materials including acids, water, synesthetic oils, lube oils as well as air, gases, steam or low melting point solids.The standard element consists of an 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire which is connected to terminal pins, and centered in a metal tube. The tube is filled with high quality magnesium oxide and compressed to ensure a rapid heat transfer. The terminal pins from a non-heated section of the element well as the terminal arrangement. They are insulated from the tube by ceramic bushes. Kilowatt rating and voltage can be varied to suit each application.Our tubular heating element from the basis of all product in this catalog. They are manufactured from high quality materials in various sheath diameters. They can be supplied straight or bent to customers’ requirement.

Here is the selection of sheath and application for our dpstar tubular heaters :
Heating of fresh water free from chlorine or other aggressive chemicals.
Copper element may nickel plated to provide protection in certain applications. Maximum sheath temperature in water 180*C.

INCOLOY 800 / 840
A nickel chrome alloy used for heating liquids where resistance to stress corrosion is required.
Maximum sheath temperature 850*C.

Heating gases, where oxidization of corrosion is likely. Selection will depend on the media to be heated and the operating conditions. Maximum sheath temperature 750*C.

Heating liquids where corrosion is likely. Selection will depend on the media to be heated and the operating conditions. Maximum sheath temperature 750*C.

Heating aggressive liquids where other metal sheated materials do not have the required corrosion resistance.
Selection will depend on the chemical composition of the media to be heated. Maximum sheath temperature 500*C.

Our dpstar triple immersion heaters are designed with various sheath ratings to suit heating of most grades of oil, alkaline – cleaning solutions and water.Special wattage’s in around 1500-12000 as for our  voltages it is 240/415. As for our lengths and diameters it can be supplied upon customer’s request. Being a good heater manufacturer in Malaysia we are using a 304 Stainless Steel Heating Element

Ceramic Bobbin Heaters are for indirect heating of liquids and gases where the element is fitted into a pocket in the process tank or system. These are installed in larged storage tanks so that the element may be replaced without draining down the system or vessel. Also our Ceramic Bobbin Heater consists of 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire supported on refractory insulators and connected to a terminal block at one end. The element flex to allow easy installation and handling. They are normally manufactured for horizontal mounting, but may be specially designed constructed for vertical installation. dpstar heater manufacturer in Malaysia made a Ceramic Bobbin Heater for any voltage or wattage within manufacturing limits. Heater can be supplied with suitable mild steel or stainless steel pockets and mounting flanges or bosses is required.

dpstar Ceramic Band Heaters offer heater longer life , high processing temperature capabilities and full flexibility for easy installation. dp star one of the major leading manufacturer and top supplier is able to provide high quality long life and use less wattage of ceramic band heaters(because of insulation) in plastics extrusion and injection molding applications. These band heaters are constructed with a stainless steel shroud enclosing high quality ceramic knuckles through which run coiled high temperature nickel-chromium element wire. The design features are as follows :

-Energy efficient , less power consumption
-High temperature capability up to 1600°F(875°C)
-Thermally insulated
-Uniform temperature
-Flexible, easy to install and remove
-Elongation compensation w/spring loaded screw over 18″diameter

Our dpstar Flexible Silicon Rubber Heaters is able to resist chemicals,moisture and abusive treatment. Furthermore being one of the top heater manufacturer in Malaysia the conditions to rapid heat-up , also to maintain the stability of termperature and uniform heat distribution. Furthermore it is also compatible with large environments due to the moisture and chemical resistant, also it is an exclusive hazardous-area rated heater. The durability of our product is exceptional because it is a multi-stranded resistance wire. Our order also comes with various complex shapes and also it is pack with controlling options installed.

Being the best heater manufacturer in Malaysia our  drum heaters have an outstanding heating source to heat up any drum,pail,barrel and other containers of different sizes. Our band style heater can be apply almost to any material. Not forgetting the uniformed heat prevents scorching or degradation of the contents inside. The internal liquid should be placed above the silicone rubber band heater.Our spring locks is very easy to use that makes the movement of the band when liquid level fluctuate. Electric heating by either  1,2 & 3 can perform the maintenance and also the heating of temperature towards the drum.

The pencil heaters are fabricated in compliance with the international standards using high grade raw materials that are obtained from the reliable sources of the industry. Offered in varied specifications as per the requirements of the clients, these Pencil Heaters are renowned for features such as sturdiness, perfect finish, low maintenance and durable finish standards. Our heating elements are the best made in Malaysia.

Backersafe Immersion Heaters are manufactured to the latest legislation of BSEN60335-2-73. Two specific clauses within this specification are aimed at eliminating the risk of boiling water. The most significant requirement is that the immersion heater be isolated from the mains supply should the primary thermostat fail with the contacts closed which would allow the water to reach a temperature in excess of 85 degrees centigrade.The ‘Backersafe’ Immersion heaters are manufactured in a full range of sheath material including copper, incoloy 800, incoloy 825 and titanium to suit the varying water conditions around the country.

Daiichi Denko Anti-Condensation Heater As now dpstar is standing is because of our heating elements are so great. Anti-condensation heater is designed to maintain the temperature inside of an enclosure several degrees above surroundind ambient temperature and above the dew point.

Radiant Panel Heaters is made by our top best heater manufacturer in Malaysia. Firstly the heater can be mounted to radiate in any direction. Also our heater is reliable because there is  no reduction in radiant output over life of heater. Uniform Radiation Pattern Assured with a wide flat infrared surface versus the line pattern given in normal radiant heaters. This eliminates uneven heating of the work and allows uniform heating of a stationary surface such as in an indexing process. Also external reflectors are not required, the refractory board and bulk insulation behind the heating element help prevent back heat loss. It is a one-piece bonded construction resists damage from vibration and shock.

Flange Immersion heaters can be designed with any element length, wattage and voltage. High purity compacted Mg0 powder provides maximum heat conductivity and optimum dielectric strength.Flange Immersion Heaters come in a wide variety of configurations, styles, and shapes. Our goal is to create a simple yet effective design to solve any fluid.
Bends are recompaced to restore Mg0 density. Thermocouples can be installed for high limit temperature control. Spacers installed on elements to assist flow distribution.

Circulation Heaters compact heating systems for fluids and gases. These heaters are ideal for applications such as purified and inert gases, supercritical fluids and liquids like de-ionized water for use in semiconductor and electronics industries as well as for general liquid and gas heating applications.Circulation heaters, also referred to as “in-line heaters” are used for heating flowing liquids and gases.Non-pressurized or highly pressurized fluids can be heated very effectively using either direct or indirect circulation heating. A wide variety of standard designs and custom engineered power ratings, sizes, flow capacities and options are available to fulfill most any application needs.

Finned Air Heaters are normally used for forced convection heating with outlet air temperatures of 300°C (572°F) or less. Steel finned heaters are standard with surface temperatures limited to about 425°C (797°F) compared to 815°C (1500°F) for an alloy sheathed non-finned heater.The finned air heater is designed for use in natural and forced convection space heating, our range of finned air heaters are suitable for increased heat transfer surface area and where higher wattage is required. Featuring rugged construction, these finned heaters can be used in a multitude of industrial environments. Finned tubular heaters are used for forced convection heating, air or gas heating systems. They are customized to meet your specific application needs. It is also UL certified.

Duct heaters are ideal solutions for a variety of applications, including space heating, primary heating, secondary heating auxiliary heating, reheating, or multizone and variable air volume heating. dpstar uses proprietary software packages to specify coils and wiring configurations, sheet metal, element support racks, controls, options and accessories.

Cartridge heaters are most frequently used for heating metal parts by insertion into drilled holes. For easy installation, the heaters are made slightly undersize relative to their nominal diameter.Our Cartridge Heaters are largely demanded by our clients spread all over the world. dpstar cartridge heaters are swaged designs, made for use in applications where high watt density, high temperatures and long service life are critical to minimize mold service downtime and expensive press open time. The swaged construction produces a highly compacted unit that resists shock and vibration, while providing for maximum element life through efficient transfer heating. They last up to 20 times longer than uncompacted cartridge heaters.

Cast-in heaters of aluminum and bronze for various heating applications in industries, such as Semiconductor and Plastics Processing, Packaging Machinery, Foodservice, Paper Processing, Hot Melt Adhesives, Medical Equipment, Heat Transfer Presses and Textile Manufacturing. dpstar is widely recognized as the industry leader in manufacturing Cast-In heater/coolers for the plastics industry, our capabilities and the application possibilities for utilizing Cast-In Heater Technology extend far beyond the scope of plastics machinery.

Black Infrapara Ceramic Heaters is a unique ceramic heater with selected ceramics with high thermal durability, mechanical strength and good electrical insulation. High quality Nichrome wire is used too. It is also  High emissivity ,Quick thermal response and high thermal efficiency.Not forgetting it is easy control to radiate favourable wave lengths for different target materials. The speed of our cermaic heater is 1-10 times more speedy than ordinary heaters. Together with uniform temperature distribution. The electric power may be saved up to 50%, production yield may be raised 30% up.Oven volume reduceable to one half or even less.Maintenance or replacement of existing old-fashioned heat pipes in ovens is easy. It is also free from dust contamination. No fire flame appears during heating process and high safety assured.

Infrared Silica Quartz Heaters are straight long wave infrared rays can be easily arranged to fall on an object by use of a reflection plate. If the cross-section of the reflection plate is designed in parabolic shape, most of the reflected rays will go in parallel direction to heat the object.Aluminum plate has excellent reflective power, Stainless plate is slightly inforior to aluminum plate while stainless plate must be used where corrosive gas emerges.There is 30% difference between the use of parabolic reflection plate and a plane type. Therefore a parabolic reflection plate should be used whenever it is possible.For maintaining the efficiency of the reflector cleaning must be done. It goes the same with infrared quartz heaters.

Ceramic elements produced by Maltec H that is our heater manufacturer in malaysia that  includes ceramic through elements, ceramic hollow elements, ceramic flat elements, and ceramic infrared bulbs.the Ceramic Infrared heating element, was created to maximize heater efficiency and performance while maintaining durability and design flexibility. These heaters are capable of transferring up to 90% of their input as radiant energy, and maximum efficiency is reached when the emitted wavelength and the absorption spectrum of the material to be heated are optimized.

We are the heater manufacturer that makes heating elements easier and more advance to use. Mineral Insulated Heating Cable Mineral insulated heating cables, as well as complementary self regulating heating cables, provide the best performance in the area of electrical heat tracing for building and industrial applications. dpstar mineral insulated heater is a thin, responsive heater that uses the most advanced heater construction techniques. A nickel-chromium element wire is embedded in dpstar exclusive mineral insulation material, which has a much higher thermal conductivity than the mica and hard ceramic insulators used in conventional heaters. This thin layer of insulation brings the element wire closer to the heater sheath. The result is heat flows easily from the element wire to the sheath allowing the wire to run cooler than conventional heaters and increasing heater life.

Quartz Immersion Heaters Units can be ordered in different combinations such as: Complete Heater, Heater Less Guard, or each piece individually. Materials include steel, stainless steel, titanium and quartz. Teflon coated is also available as well as protective guards for some models. Single and multiple coil, loop and tube configurations are available.

The inclusion of modern equipment and sophisticated technology had made our company  to be much faster and efficient. For more information you can visit our website at our home page.


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