The reason that you should use our thermowell it is because we are the leading manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia. We are specialize in measuring temperature also it is a crucial part of any industrial process system operation. Unfortunately, thermometers are not designed to withstand especially harsh environments. All thermometers are susceptible to damage from flow, corrosion, abrasion, temperature, pressure, and turbulence, whether they are mechanical (i.e. bimetal or gas actuated thermometers) or electrical (i.e. thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors). A thermometer that is damaged could cause safety issues, contribute to leaking media, or halt production to even the largest of manufacturing plants.

Our dpstar supplies and manufacture a thermowell that serves as a protective barrier between a thermometer and the process media. Thermowells are often found in industrial process systems within refineries and petrochemical and chemical plants. In addition to protecting thermometers, thermowells provide easier serviceability and reduce operating costs.A thermowell’s main job is to protect a thermometer from external conditions, which it does by housing the thermometer. With the thermometer safe inside, the thermowell can handle an assortment of corrosive or abrasive process media and withstand turbulent or high pressure conditions. The thermowell prevents the thermometer’s sensing element from being exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Not forgetting dpstar also is also good in servicing. This is why you need our thermowell . If you need to remove or replace a thermometer, thermowells simplify the process by providing easy access. They stay installed in the piping system while a thermometer is being serviced. As a result, operations continue, which means there is no unnecessary downtime, and the process media continues to flow without worry of escaping the system.

Why do you buy from dpstar it is because our pricing is reasonable and good in quality . It is because our thermometers last longer and do not need to be serviced as often when thermowells are used to protect them. In effect, thermowells help decrease the total cost of thermometers by minimizing the time spent maintaining and servicing the instruments. The fact that you won’t need to replace thermometers as often or maintain a large inventory of them will also save you money in the end.

Choice selection provided by dpstar is very easy and simple.There are several specifications to consider when selecting a thermowell, including:
• connection size and type
• style
• bore diameter
• stem length
• insertion length
• wall thickness
• type of weld or mount
• media composition and condition etc…

Don’t be overwhelmed by the options: dpstar can assist with any needs you have with our friendly staffs that are experts towards your inquiry and your problems. Feel free to drop by to our website.

Flanged Thermowells
Flanged Thermowells
Sanitary Thermowells
Sanitary Thermowells


socket weld thermowell
Socket Weld Thermowells
Threaded Thermowells
van stone thermowell
Van Stone Thermowells
weld in thermowell
Weld-in Thermowells

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