Pressure and temperature switches for highest demands

dpstar supplies pressure switches  to provide stable switch points, high robustness, versatility and reliability. That’s why numerous well-known and leading companies place their trust in solutions with pneumatic and hydraulic pressure switches, for example, in machine and plant construction, construction machinery, mobile hydraulics, agricultural engineering, vehicle and ship building industry and many more.

Differential Pressure Switches for different applications

Differential pressure switches are used in all areas in which an electrical signal depends on a predefined pressure difference. The basis for the measurement is a spring – loaded membrane or in the case of higher pressures, a spring – loaded piston.

Electronic pressure switches with and without display

These tecsis electronic pressure switches are designed for complex switching tasks with high functionality and performance. They provide a high overpressure safety and they are available with or without display. The range of applications is huge thanks to the adjustable differential gap (hysteresis)

Mechanical pressure switches

These mechanical pressure switches are available with NO, NC or SPDT contacts. The tecsis pressure switches provide highest quality, stable switching points during the whole service life, an outstanding reliability even at high temperatures. They can be used in a wide field of applications: the pressure switches are suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Temperature Switches

Temperature switches are used in signalizing, monitoring and controlling of heating, and cooling circuits in machines, compressors and engines.

Vacuum Pressure Switch

Negative overpressure can be converted to electrical signals by virtue of vacuum pressure switches. The tecsis vacuum switches are designed for rough vacuum applications (technical vacuum). They are available with NO, NC or SPDT contacts and a wide range of materials and process connections. The adjustment range of the tecsis vacuum pressure switch is -0,85 bar … +1 bar.

Thanks to our engineering expertise we develop specific system solutions and solve your complex applications tasks together with you. We project compact and durable pressure switch solutions that are tailored to your application, as well as complete customized pressure switches with assembled cable.We are also the leading supplier in South East Asia. For more information visit our website.


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