Tecsis Force & Load Cells

Load cells and force sensors from dpstar include compression load cells in industry-standard donut and through-hole designs, low profile ‘pancake’ models, and robust canister configurations. We offer in-line and rod end load cells, shackle and load pins, cantilever beams, single point load cells, and universal load cells to measure both tension and compression. We also offer shaft-or flange-mount reaction torque sensors, each one fine-tuned to your specifications.

Our technical know-how and manufacturing capabilities enable dpstar to provide standard, modified, or completely custom products to mesh with your applications needs. We can build miniatures, submersibles, or use exotic materials like MONEL®, INCONEL® or HASTELLOY® alloys, and we offer a complete selection of electrical output, measuring range, and accuracy.

Bending beam, or cantilever, load cells are rugged and highly accurate and suitable for a wide variety of both static and dynamic applications. The bending beam design measures loads and forces with ±0.1% accuracy (FSO, combined) over ranges from 25 grams to 10,000 lbs. Standard output is mV/V, with in-line amplification available.

Compression load cells combine welded stainless steel construction and proven strain gage technology to deliver long term stability and repeatable performance. These robust, reliable and cost effective load cells are the ideal solution for critical high capacity applications.

From our heavy duty high accuracy canister load cells to our popular ‘button’ style miniatures, every compression load cell we manufacture is designed with your needs in mind. We offer ranges from a few grams to millions of pounds, analog or digital output, in-line amplification, a variety of mating and cable assemblies, and mounting options as unique as your application

Strain gauge based load cells are suitable for use in a wide range of industries. Due to their extraordinary variety and flexibility of design, they can handle the most diverse and challenging applications. They are very often the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to challenges requiring durable, dependable, and precise force measurement.

Strain gauge based load cells convert a force into a measurable electrical signal. Their function is based on the piezoresistive effect: the ability of the strain gauges to change their resistance value in response to the physical deformation of a material caused by force. By wiring the strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge arrangement, these small changes in resistance can be exploited to give rise to a precise electrical signal proportional to the applied force. When the Wheatstone bridge is coupled with a specially engineered metal element body, a load cell is born. Also following careful compensation for temperature changes and precise testing, it is ready for success in the field.

Load cells are found in a vast array of design styles: button compression, universal, S-type, donut, cantilever, pancake, rod end, tension link, and countless others. Often used in weighing applications, test stands, and as safety/monitoring devices, load cells play an important role in the areas of assembly, manufacturing, construction, aerospace, calibration, and more. They are capable of measuring forces as small as a few grams or as large as a million pounds.

dpstar is the leading and top supplier in Malaysia . Visit our website for more information.


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