Our Cartridge Heater

Cartridge Heater

Our aim is to respond rapidly and to your exact cartridge heater requirement, with robust and the highest product quality. We achieve this modular design, allowing each cartridge to have almost any termination required. Speeded along by automated winding machines, using high grade nickel chrome resistance wire and specially selected magnesium oxide powder. Being manufactured in Malaysia. dpstar is the top supplier in South East Asia for cartridge heater and also the largest manufacturer.

Why choose our Cartridge Heaters?
Our casings are precision made. Our standard terminations are of normal Teflon or silicon rubber coated wiring having many options, including:
– Stainless Steel braid
– Flexible stainless steel braid
– Hexhead pipefitting
Various right angled version of the above conduits.Click here to complete our enquiry for more details about our range of cartridge heaters

Hot manifolds with indirectly heated drops

Indirectly heated drops, or nozzles, are heated by conduction of heat from the manifold. Hot manifolds with indirectly heated nozzles are typically heated with cartridge heaters. The cartridges are inserted into drilled holes on either side of the runners, at a distance from the runner about equal to the diameter of the cartridge. The positioning in the longitudinal direction is optimized by actually measuring the temperature distribution. It is important that the drilled hole matches the diameter of the heater or the heater may over-heat resulting in a short life-span.

Internally heated manifolds and drops

For internally heated manifolds and drops, the cartridge heaters are placed inside the channel, in contact with the melt. The diameter and length of the cartridge heaters, therefore, are determined by the dimensions of the nozzle and manifold. To use low watt density heaters, the cartridge diameter should be as large as possible. The heater cartridges are designed to withstand direct contact with the plastic.

Externally heated manifolds and drops

In a hot runner system with external heating, the flow channels are located in a heat distributor in the form of a plate suspended in the mold. Electric heaters, often in the form of cartridge heaters, are located outside the channels. The distributor is thermally insulated from the rest of the mold by an air gap and rests on shaped washers with limited heat conduction.


Placement of thermocouples is crucial to providing the desired control of the melt temperature. Some thermocouples can be placed within the cartridge heater and this is often done for internally heated systems. In these cases, the thermocouple should be placed at the end of the cartridge close to the tip.

When used for a hot drop, the thermocouple should be placed near the gate tip where temperature control is most critical. When used with externally heated systems, it should be placed where it can measure the temperature of the steel near the flow channel, rather than near the heater.

Also we give a full local support package both technically, commercially and  specifically designed to meet your needs. For more info do not hesitate to visit our website.


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