Immersion Heater Electricity Info

Immersion heaters are measured in kW

When you buy an immersion heater it is given a kW rating, so for example 3kW or 6kW.

If you take the above example and have a 3kW immersion heater it would take about 2hrs 30 to heat the water (3kW each hour, so in two and a half hours that would give 7.5kW).

Cost of running an immersion heater

The cost of electricity is about 14p/kWh, which means that it would cost about 45p to run a 3kW immersion heater for an hour.

Normally though the immersion will turn on and off via the thermostat so the amount of time they are on fluctuates, depending on the existing temperature of the water in the hot water tank.

Hopefully the above has been useful and you can apply it to your home! Please remember that hot water should be heated to at least 600C in order to kill legionella bacteria!

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