Teflon Heaters

Immersion Heater


Teflon immersion heaters are compatible with virtually any chemistry and are available in sizes up to 18 kilowatts, single or three phase. We offer a large variety of standard and custom configurations for over-the-side and tank bottom installations, and low profile custom designs are also available. Rigid and flexible risers available. Our screw plug and flange heaters are manufactured in sizes from ½-inch screw plug (100 watt) to 6-inch flange (18 kW). Thermal over temperature protection standard (except screw plug), and we offer rigid and flexible risers. The vast majority of our immersion heaters are cULus and CE. PTFE heaters are ideal for the heating of pure or corrosive liquids within tanks. PTFE is usually selected for the superior corrosion resistance and compared to metals.  Unlike most of the other Protec heaters that use large single tube, the PTFE heaters use a smaller diameter continuous element.  The use of the smaller diameter offers greater flexibility in the design of the heater in that the element can be formed in many different shapes to best suit your application.  These heaters are available in units up to 27 kW. dpstar is the leading manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia.Visit us on our website..


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