Cartridge Heater Info

Cartridge Heater

Cartridge heaters are high-density heating cells that have their nickel chrome heating cores positioned internally as close as possible to the outside shell. The specially formulated MgO electrical insulating medium utilized inside a cartridge heater is transformed into a rock-hard, highly efficient heat transferring medium through a special cold forming process.

Cartridge heaters can withstand tough industrial usage; they can transmit up to 200 watts/in² heating capacity and are able to attain up to 1500°F sheath temperature. In order to facilitate installation and heat transmission,dpstar cartridge heaters are supplied with electrical leads that are connected internally within a 3/8 inch cold section. In excessively hot applications, the length of this cold section could be increased.

Cartridge heaters can be dual-voltage, three-phase, and/or supplied with a ground terminal. With ten different termination styles, mounting attachments and various optional features, Maltec-H is a top manufacturing company in Malaysia that manufactures high-density cartridge heaters are widely used in numerous high temperature industrial applications. Here are some examples:

dpstar is the leading supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia. We are one of the largest distributor throughout South East Asia. For more inquiry and info about us, don’t hesitate to visit our website.Alternatively if you have a bespoke requirement please don’t hesitate to call we have experienced engineers and staffs to help you according to your needs.


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