Rotronic – Distributor in Malaysia

Meteorological Products in Malaysia
At Rotronic Measurement Solutions, we offer optimal monitoring packages and solutions that meet your requirements. Right from humidity probe and CO2 Display to Differential Pressure, we provide just the right products for you. We know the significance of using dependable and appropriate technology when you deal with extreme environments. With clients using our products for years, we have reinforced our quality in design and support services. Our product applications include meteorology, climate change monitoring, ground truthing, environmental compliance and eco-physiology among many others.

Handheld Instruments in Malaysia
Get the best idea of your temperature or humidity conditions in your critical environment by selecting from our wide variety of GTS, HYGROPALM – HP21 and HP23-A-REFERENCE-SET among many others. Our humidity and temperature measuring tools are designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use in any application. Our sensors assure a fast response time when subjected to a step change in humidity. They also ensure a good chemical tolerance, as aggressive chemicals have the ability to damage sensors. In addition to this, they offer stability over a period of time and high accuracy. Our products do not generate emissions that can lead to interference to sensitive equipment. With all these benefits we offer, our handheld instruments are just the right choice for you.

DpStar Group is the sole distributor for Rotronic product in Malaysia.

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