Over-the-side Immersion heaters

dpstar Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia of liquid immersion heaters used in tanks, vessels, or any other application where increasing the temperature of the said medium is required. Over-the-side immersion heaters are made for tanks and vessels due to the issues of installation of traditional immersion heaters. These heaters are typically made to certain customer specification and is mounted on the top or at the bottom of such tanks/vessels. Options for material of such heating elements are in copper, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, Indology , titanium, and PFA coated. dpstar manufacturing is a top customized distributor of heaters where they can be made to order, to all kinds of specifications, design to suit customer’s application. The large variation in heating element material and shapes of over-the-side immersion heaters offer a wide selection so that the exact requirements of the application can be fulfilled whether it is water, oils, solvent, plating baths, salts and acid or any other vicious/corrosive liquids. Such over-the-side heaters offer flexibility and convenience for installers as well as easy removal for cleaning of tanks and heaters, and also helps save space where needed.



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