Maltec-H Electric Heating Elements

We are involved in OEM manufacturing and customization of industrial electric heaters and heating elements in Malaysia. Through our trademark brand, the Maltec-H, we have a dominant installation base through machine and oven makers, HVAC and other industries. dpstar is ISO-certified and only strives for the best-in-class quality, our Quality Control department ensures that every heater is extensively tested before delivery.

Testament to our belief in manufacturing excellence, dpstar is the only heater supplier in Malaysia to be accredited with the prestigious UL and CE certificates. Customers around Asia engage us for their heating requirements; because they acknowledge Maltec heaters for the superior quality and reliability.

Heating elements can be found in a wide array of applications, and represent the core and fundamentals of most of the other types of heaters in the market today, through the usage of heating elements, metal tubes, and MGO powder, these elements can be shaped and turned into different types of heaters such as liquid immersion heaters, finned heaters, air heaters, and so on.

dpstar is a reputable distributor and customized maker of heating elements in Malaysia with close to 30 years of experience.


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