Heating requirements are critical in many different processes in the manufacturing industry, to fulfill such requirements heating elements are used heavily because they can be shaped and customised to different size, specification, configuration. The option to change different materials allows for most applications across different industries. But the fundamentals remain the same, these heaters convert electrical energy to heating energy and the heat is disbursed through contact with air, liquid, and solids.

Since the heaters allow for flexibility, many will find them being used in infrared heaters, flexible heaters, quartz heater’s just to name a few. All these heaters can be found in industrial or commercial application whether to control or maintain a certain temperature. The most widely used heating element today, also one of dpstar’s mainly supplied and distributed heater in Malaysia is tubular heaters, they can be found on kitchen stove tops and dishwashers. While other heating elements can be seen in industrial and commercial application in kilns, tanks, and drying ovens.

dpstar’s heating elements is produced under our trademark Maltec-H brand, we are one of the largest makers and suppliers of such heaters in Malaysia and South-east Asia.


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