Heating Element

Heating elements can be found as a core fundamental material within electric heaters and are typically consisted of an insulating core, a heat conductive coil wrapped around the insulation and a protected sheath made from stainless steel, aluminum, nickel or iron. Heating elements can have a short lifespan if the application is incorrect, hence the need and importance that a person/company using such heaters are consulted professionally so that the right material is used. Through dpstar’s Maltec – H (Malaysia) manufactured heating elements, our experience of nearly 30 years in the field allows us to give expert advice on the right heater for every application. Replacement of such heaters within a short time period can be very expensive and be a waste of a company’s expenditure. Most industrial companies that use such heaters acknowledge our heaters because they no longer need to replace heating elements part of regular equipment maintenance so frequently. Hence maintenance department can keep less of these parts and lower their inventory. When heating elements are used wrongly in consumer items such as hair dryers or toasters, it is typically easier and less expensive buy a whole new unit than replace a single element. dpstar’s manufacturing division goes through strict quality control processes and we manufacturers industrial heaters of high quality and customers are able to save on spare part maintenance. Using the right heating element material for every application is very critical and important, as the safety and effective operation of a heating element depends on it. Using wrong heating elements can potentially cause danger and risks such as fires, burning, product damage, equipment breakdown and many other problems.

dpstar’s Maltec H heating elements is able to offer our wealth of experience for heater applications so that such extra costs and problems do not occur to our customers.