How To Choose A Temperature Sensor?

There are many things that need to be taken into account when designing a temperature sensor. The key is to determine what are the critical factors which relate to your process or product and dismiss the rest.

In order to make the process as easy as possible answer the questions below and send your answers to us to help you get the sensor for your application:

  1. What is your temperature range?
  2. What are your accuracy requirements?
  3. How many sensors do you need?
  4. What are the size requirements or restrictions? Diameters? Lengths?
  5. How long does it need to last?
  6. Do you require calibration?
  7. When do you need it?
  8. Is it light use at ambient temperature, or harsh use at extremes of temperature, under attack?
  9. How do you want to measure your process/product? (Hot end)
  10. How does it connect to your equipment/instrumentation ? (Cold end)

dpstar Group is an industrial heating elements and thermocouples supplier in the Malaysian Market. We’re here to help, please call Ms. Toh at 012-2951393 or email to


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