Heating element



Heating Element

Heating Element


dpstar single and double-ended tubular heaters lend themselves to virtually the entire range of immersion and air heating applications. They have a variety of mounting and termination options that make them ideal for industrial applications. Highly versatile and economical dpstar custom manufactured tubular heater elements are applied in virtually every conceivable type of heating application. They can be applied straight or bent into complex formations. They can be reliably applied to heat a multitude of liquids, gases, and solids. Tubular heating elements are also used for radiant heating in open air or in vacuum atmospheres. They can be cast into, or clamped on to, metal to form heated parts. dpstar Industries’ application and design engineering team are available to assist in specifying the proper tubular heater configuration. dpstar is the heating element manufacturer and supplier that is well known in Malaysia. Visit us at our website.


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