Infrared Silica Quartz Heaters

Infrared Silica Quartz Heater

dpstar had never failed to produce quality heating elements .Straight long wave infrared rays can be easily arranged to fall on an object by use of a reflection plate. If the cross-section of the reflection plate is designed in parabolic shape, most of the reflected rays will go in parallel direction to heat the object.

Aluminum plate has excellent reflective power, Stainless plate is slightly inforior to aluminum plate while stainless plate must be used where corrosive gas emerges.

There is 30% difference between the use of parabolic reflection plate and a plane type. Therefore a parabolic reflection plate should be used whenever it is possible.For maintaning the efficiency of the reflector cleaning must be done.

Why pick us ? We are a leading manufacturer in Malaysia and was established in 1996. Since our inception we have grew to become a top supplier, facilitating our valued clients through our offices located in northern, central and southern part of west Malaysia also our products that we are selling are high quality and certified electrical heaters. Such as Industrial Heaters,Tubular Heater,Ceramic Bobbin Heater,Duct Heater,Cartridge Heater,Finned Tubular Heater,Circulation Heater,Infrared Silica Quartz Heater,Teflon Immersion Heater,Flange Immersion Heater,and etc. Our products are only UL Certified,UKAS,ISO,Standards and etc. Visit us at


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