Introduction of Aplisens Hydrostatic level probes


Hydrostatic level probes SGE-25S and SGE-25C for measurement of waste liquid levels

Aplisens Hydrostatic level probes SGE-25S and SGE-25C are applicable to measure levels of liquids containing contaminants or suspensions. A typical use for this probe is the measurement of levels of liquid waste in intermediate pumping stations, fermentation chambers, settling tanks etc.

Principles of operation, design for  Aplisens Hydrostatic level probes SGE-25S and SGE-25C

The probe measures liquid levels, basing on a simple relationship between the height of the liquid column and the resulting hydrostatic pressure. The pressure measurement is carried out on the level of the separating diaphragm of the immersed probe and is related to atmospheric pressure through a capillary in the cable. The use of a special separator with a large uncovered diaphragm minimizes the metrological effect of sediment deposit on the diaphragm surface. This enables the probe long lifetime and proper work in contaminated media (even in the presence of abrasives, such as sand) and facilitates cleaning with delicate stream of running water (washing with water under pressure may damage the probe).The active sensing element is a piezoresistant silicon sensor separated from the medium by an isolating diaphragm. The electronic amplifier, which works in combination with the sensor, and is meant to standardize the signal, is additionally equipped with an overvoltage protection circuit, which protects the probe from damage caused by induced interference from atmospheric discharges or from associated heavy current engineering appliances

Installation, method of use for Aplisens Hydrostatic level probes SGE-25S and SGE-25C

When lowered to the reference level, the probe may either hang freely on the cable or lie on the bottom of the tank. The cable with the capillary can be extended using a standard signal cable. For the cable connection a special Aplisens SG cable hanger is recommended. The cable connection should be situated in a non-hermetically sealed box (the internal pressure inside the box should be equal to the atmospheric pressure), preventing water or other contaminants from getting into the capillary. The Aplisens PP junction box is recommended For systems with long signal transmission lines, it is recommended the using of an additional Aplisens UZ-2 overvoltage protection circuit in the form of a wall-mounted box which allows the cables connection. When the probe cable is being wound up, the minimum winding diameter should be 30cm and the cable should be protected from mechanical damage. If there is a possibility of turbulence in the tank (for example, because of the mixer operating mixers or a turbulent inflow), the probe should be installed inside a screening tube (e.g. made of PVC). The line hooked on the lifting handle can simplify the operation of the probe pulling out. Cleaning the probe diaphragm by mechanical means is strictly prohibited.

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Heating Element

Heating elements can be found as a core fundamental material within electric heaters and are typically consisted of an insulating core, a heat conductive coil wrapped around the insulation and a protected sheath made from stainless steel, aluminum, nickel or iron. Heating elements can have a short lifespan if the application is incorrect, hence the need and importance that a person/company using such heaters are consulted professionally so that the right material is used. Through dpstar’s Maltec – H (Malaysia) manufactured heating elements, our experience of nearly 30 years in the field allows us to give expert advice on the right heater for every application. Replacement of such heaters within a short time period can be very expensive and be a waste of a company’s expenditure. Most industrial companies that use such heaters acknowledge our heaters because they no longer need to replace heating elements part of regular equipment maintenance so frequently. Hence maintenance department can keep less of these parts and lower their inventory. When heating elements are used wrongly in consumer items such as hair dryers or toasters, it is typically easier and less expensive buy a whole new unit than replace a single element. dpstar’s manufacturing division goes through strict quality control processes and we manufacturers industrial heaters of high quality and customers are able to save on spare part maintenance. Using the right heating element material for every application is very critical and important, as the safety and effective operation of a heating element depends on it. Using wrong heating elements can potentially cause danger and risks such as fires, burning, product damage, equipment breakdown and many other problems.

dpstar’s Maltec H heating elements is able to offer our wealth of experience for heater applications so that such extra costs and problems do not occur to our customers.


Heating Elements

Most equipment or machinery that require heat to perform their processes use a heating element of one kind or another. Furnaces, heating process lines, oven dryers, water heaters, and other machine makers approach dpstar’s Maltec H range of manufactured heating elements for their heating requirements. The amount and wideness of the our customer base who purchase such heaters for their process application is almost uncountable. For example one of our biggest markets is in the packaging industry where these players use applications such as plastic fabricating, foam fabricating, metal fabricating and food processing industries, cartridge heaters are inserted into the machine where the heating is required. Immersion heaters and tubular heaters are used when the application required the heat to be transferred into liquid or air in industrial drying ovens, storage tanks for temperature control, pressure vessel heating, steam generation, furnace and boilers, water treatment facilities and many other applications.For instance, immersion heater elements are required when a process such as food manufacturing or drinks production takes place.

dpstar makes such heating elements and through our wealth of experience, we have been a renowned supplier and manufacturer of these heaters in the Malaysia market.


Heating requirements are critical in many different processes in the manufacturing industry, to fulfill such requirements heating elements are used heavily because they can be shaped and customised to different size, specification, configuration. The option to change different materials allows for most applications across different industries. But the fundamentals remain the same, these heaters convert electrical energy to heating energy and the heat is disbursed through contact with air, liquid, and solids.

Since the heaters allow for flexibility, many will find them being used in infrared heaters, flexible heaters, quartz heater’s just to name a few. All these heaters can be found in industrial or commercial application whether to control or maintain a certain temperature. The most widely used heating element today, also one of dpstar’s mainly supplied and distributed heater in Malaysia is tubular heaters, they can be found on kitchen stove tops and dishwashers. While other heating elements can be seen in industrial and commercial application in kilns, tanks, and drying ovens.

dpstar’s heating elements is produced under our trademark Maltec-H brand, we are one of the largest makers and suppliers of such heaters in Malaysia and South-east Asia.

Maltec-H Electric Heating Elements

We are involved in OEM manufacturing and customization of industrial electric heaters and heating elements in Malaysia. Through our trademark brand, the Maltec-H, we have a dominant installation base through machine and oven makers, HVAC and other industries. dpstar is ISO-certified and only strives for the best-in-class quality, our Quality Control department ensures that every heater is extensively tested before delivery.

Testament to our belief in manufacturing excellence, dpstar is the only heater supplier in Malaysia to be accredited with the prestigious UL and CE certificates. Customers around Asia engage us for their heating requirements; because they acknowledge Maltec heaters for the superior quality and reliability.

Heating elements can be found in a wide array of applications, and represent the core and fundamentals of most of the other types of heaters in the market today, through the usage of heating elements, metal tubes, and MGO powder, these elements can be shaped and turned into different types of heaters such as liquid immersion heaters, finned heaters, air heaters, and so on.

dpstar is a reputable distributor and customized maker of heating elements in Malaysia with close to 30 years of experience.

Tubular Immersion heater

Industrial immersion heaters are used for direct liquid immersion heating applications. They are constructed of one or more heater elements brazed or welded into various types of mounting fittings. Tubular immersion heater is the best adapted solution for heating fluids i.e Water, oil, fuel, solvents, flowing gases, baths for surface treatment, etc.

These immersion heaters on a screw plug or a flange are designed to be mounted in the tank bottom from the interior. The height of the heating circuits is generally reduced to the minimum in order to allow for major variations in the liquid level. The circuits arranged in layers or on spools allow installing high power densities.

We at dpstar Manufacturing can help you define the product you are looking for (kind of metal sheath, watt density, type of assembly, regulation, etc.…). Standard and custom engineered designs are available for tailored solutions to your thermal application requirements.

  1. Screw Plug Immersion Heater

Immersion heaters come in a wide variety of configurations, styles, and shapes.
Our goal is create a simple yet effective design to solve any fluid-heating environment you have. By selecting the best sheath material, choosing the optimum fitting method and manufacturing the elements to any desired watt density, you can expect the optimum engineered heating solution for your requirements. A Screw Plug Immersion Heater can have from 1 to 3 elements, or blades, either welded or brazed into the screw plug.

  1. Flange Immersion Heater

The wide dimensional range of standard flanges (ANSI) allows designing immersion heaters from a few hundred Watts to several hundreds of kilowatts. dpstar Manufacturing also provides a lot of special flanges : oval clamp flanges, light stainless steel flanges, brass flanges.

  1. Over-The-Site Immersion Heater

These immersion heaters are designed to be placed in tanks to be heated by the tanks’ upper openings. So the heaters may be immersed or withdrawn without it being necessary to empty the tank.

This concept allows the immersion heaters to be easily cleaned and the same heater to be used in several tanks. It also allows an easy replacement of the immersion heater in case of a bath change.

  1. Immersion Heater With Ceramic Core Element

These immersion heaters consist of a ceramic core heating element incorporated in a cylindrical sheath made of materials adapted to the heated fluid.

This arrangement offers many advantages:

  • A wide choice of materials for the sheath: steel, all stainless steel, titanium, Pyrex, Teflon, etc.
  • A low watt density for “fragile” fluids.
  • A wide tolerance to the clogging of the heating circuits.
  • The possibility of replacing the heater without having to empty the container.

dpstar is the leading heater supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia and one of the largest distributor throughout South East Asia.

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Over-the-side Immersion heaters

dpstar Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia of liquid immersion heaters used in tanks, vessels, or any other application where increasing the temperature of the said medium is required. Over-the-side immersion heaters are made for tanks and vessels due to the issues of installation of traditional immersion heaters. These heaters are typically made to certain customer specification and is mounted on the top or at the bottom of such tanks/vessels. Options for material of such heating elements are in copper, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, Indology , titanium, and PFA coated. dpstar manufacturing is a top customized distributor of heaters where they can be made to order, to all kinds of specifications, design to suit customer’s application. The large variation in heating element material and shapes of over-the-side immersion heaters offer a wide selection so that the exact requirements of the application can be fulfilled whether it is water, oils, solvent, plating baths, salts and acid or any other vicious/corrosive liquids. Such over-the-side heaters offer flexibility and convenience for installers as well as easy removal for cleaning of tanks and heaters, and also helps save space where needed.